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Case Studies in SDZG Academy Courses...

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Academy utilizes real world case studies
in our courses to enhance the online learning opportunity.

Check out our case study for the northern white rhino:

Our case study about California coastal sage scrub habitat:

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“The Big Bear Alpine Zoo has greatly benefited from the Academy courses. We are a small isolated institution with big plans in the works for a brand new modern facility. Although our past has been full of passion, it has lacked the formal training necessary to properly equip us to take on the next growth phase of our organization. Training staff who have no formal education in animal care to meet modern zoo standards, is a task too great for any single leader to undertake. The academy courses enable our staff to learn best practices in animal care and instill a sense of pride here, knowing that their learned skills and information are on par with AZA accredited zoological institutions. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn and for the opportunity to take our institution beyond the level of minimum standards and towards a pathway of excellence in animal care.”

– Bob Cisneros, Curator
Big Bear Alpine Zoo


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  • Human Resources
  • Interpretation