Interpretation Basics: Module 1

Interpreters work in a variety of settings and go by many names: guides, rangers, docents, and park naturalists, to name just a few. Whatever your job title, Interpretation Module 1 will show you how to apply the interpretive techniques that are most effective for each member of your audience.

Connecting with visitors and gaining their support for your facilities and programs is critical to the success of your facility. But how do you inspire rather than simply inform? As with any profession, interpretation has established foundations—guiding principles, philosophies, and best practices. Interpretation Module 1 examines these foundations, starting with Tilden’s Six Principles.

Online learners will gain an understanding of the characteristics of non-formal audiences and how these characteristics impact interpretive experiences.
They’ll explore the significance of audience, resource, and mission and practice connecting tangible resources to intangible ideas, concepts, and emotions.

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course length: 2 hours