Wildlife Medicine Training Opportunity

Looking for an additional wildlife medicine online training opportunity? The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA) has a new course with RACE-approved content to provide veterinary practitioners with an introduction on how to approach wildlife medicine cases for the purpose of stabilizing an animal and subsequently transferring it to an authorized wildlife rehabilitator.

The NWRA is dedicated to improving and promoting the profession of wildlife rehabilitation and its contributions to preserving natural ecosystems. Wildlife rehabilitation is the treatment and temporary care of injured, diseased, and displaced indigenous wildlife and the subsequent return of healthy animals to appropriate native habitats.

This course is offered online to licensed veterinary professionals seeking continuing education. In addition, NWRA offers a hybrid version of this course to veterinary student groups at accredited veterinary schools. You can learn more about both offerings of NWRA’s Wildlife Medicine Course here.

Academy members receive 10% off registration in 2023 with code: SDZWAA.

Learn more about the NWRA Leadership program here.

For questions, please reach out to nwra@nwrawildlife.org.