We Have Added a New Resource for You!

Servant Leadership InstituteThe Academy has a new resource, available to all subscribers: access to San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Library Animal Fact Sheets & Research Guides.

The SDZWA Library publishes and curates a collection of more than 125 Animal Fact Sheets, ranging from invertebrates to mammals. Each includes an extensive bibliography, and most are peer-reviewed by scientific experts.

Highlights of the Fact Sheets include:

  • Collections organized by taxonomy on Index page
  • Searchable alphabetically by common name and scientific name
  • In-text citations and bibliography
  • Reviewed by scientific and husbandry experts
  • Hand-curated list of additional internet resources included
  • Mobile friendly for access on your smartphone or tablet.

For individual and small group members, access to the Animal Fact Sheets & Research Guides can be found in the Resources folder of our Academy site. For organizations with private sites, we recommend your site administrator add this as a resource, and then notify all users about this new feature.

For more information, and to learn how to access this new resource, we created a short, instructional course that has been added to the Academy course catalog. Simply search the course catalog for “Fact Sheets.”

Of course, if you have any questions, please email us at SDZWAAcademySales@sdzwa.org.

We hope our research helps you share your passion for caring for and protecting wildlife. Thank you for being a member of the Academy!